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Robert Christiansen

Motive For Life offers a whole new way of being, one that is defined by your intentions. You can live in a world of intentional life experiences. Through the Power of Worthiness and dedicated routines of language conditioning, you can change your experience from a life of random and unpredictable events to intentional success. 

There Are No Mistakes

You are getting exactly what you think about - whether you want it or not.  The game is to control your thinking so you can get what you REALLY want!  Through Motive For Life's unique process of linking worthiness, language conditioning, and action, you will take control of your life in a whole new way.


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Jun 26, 2018

We find what we seek.  A bad attitude finds a bad situation. Good attitudes discover great situations.  Through daily interactions with people throughout the world, Robert Christiansen relates his knowledge and experience to life's simple challenges.

Jun 20, 2018

Shoeshine and a life lesson are the topics of this short but powerful lesson on life's outcomes.  

Jun 16, 2018

In this episode, Robert takes you on a four-city trip to Kansas City, Plano, San Francisco and Santa Ana California.  

Jun 8, 2018

The world is full of people who have great potential but lack the motivation or understanding of how to convert potential into success.  Leverage your potential by taking simple actions that lead to greater momentum, greater motivation, and greater results.

Jun 2, 2018

Success is different for everyone so you need to know what success means and how to define it.  Robert Christiansen discusses what success means to him and how his mastermind group uses Napolean Hill's Law of Success to keep them on the right track.