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Robert Christiansen

Motive For Life offers a whole new way of being, one that is defined by your intentions. You can live in a world of intentional life experiences. Through the Power of Worthiness and dedicated routines of language conditioning, you can change your experience from a life of random and unpredictable events to intentional success. 

There Are No Mistakes

You are getting exactly what you think about - whether you want it or not.  The game is to control your thinking so you can get what you REALLY want!  Through Motive For Life's unique process of linking worthiness, language conditioning, and action, you will take control of your life in a whole new way.


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Jan 8, 2022

Raising our self-worth is the most important commitment we can make this year.  When we raise our self-worth, we find more confidence and motivation to pursue our goals and move to the next level of our lives.  Self-worth is the foundation, the roots of all advancement.  Think about it - why would you pursue a goal if you didn't believe you deserved it?  You wouldn't.  Moreover, if you did attain a goal and found the experience undesirable, you would not work to keep the rewards of the goal.

High self-worth is the power to eliminate self-destructive behavior and negative self-talk.  Using the simple practices outlined in this podcast, you change the foundational language and emotions about what you believe you are and why you matter.  These change your decisions and actions to the positive, which leads to a much better life.

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