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Robert Christiansen

Motive For Life offers a whole new way of being, one that is defined by your intentions. You can live in a world of intentional life experiences. Through the Power of Worthiness and dedicated routines of language conditioning, you can change your experience from a life of random and unpredictable events to intentional success. 

There Are No Mistakes

You are getting exactly what you think about - whether you want it or not.  The game is to control your thinking so you can get what you REALLY want!  Through Motive For Life's unique process of linking worthiness, language conditioning, and action, you will take control of your life in a whole new way.


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Oct 10, 2020

Inspiration is the drawing upon imagination. Imagination is uniquely human and is the source of creativity. To be inspired is to be imaginative plus expression. The two go together - imagination without inspiration is daydreaming. Inspired individuals are in action - therefore, inspiration is also motivation.

Who would need inspiration?

  • An artist before working and being creative
  • Authors and Writers draw from inspiration to create the images through words
  • Chefs create eating experiences and look to bring out their love of food
  • Leaders of teams look internal to themselves to lift the self-worth of the team. They must draw on inspiration from within to carry the vision forward.
  • Everyone!

Physically what can we do to get inspired?

  • Take a cool tepid shower - sets the body into a receptive and open state.
  • Exercise briefly - motion and body change will change the chemistry.
  • Meditate
  • Breathing Exercises

Socially what can someone do to get inspired?

  • Travel to new places
  • Talk to friends and mentors - important not to have friends that bring you down
  • Be around children
  • Go to spiritual or religious gatherings

Personal Development

  • Read new books that raise your self worth
  • Listen to podcasts that lift you up
  • Surround yourself with pictures of those who inspire you - personal counsel
  • Go to personal development events